Mountain Station

The Mountain Station houses the primarily response engine with a crew of four and an ambulance crew of two. This facility is also where the administration offices are for fire suppression and fire prevention. The Mountain Station is located at 2600 Pine Grove Road in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Mountain Station Horizontal Image

Central Station

The Central Station is not staffed and houses the majority of the second out apparatus for the department. The building is located at the intersection of Yampa Avenue and 9th Street in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Downtown Station NFPW

Ambulance/Search & Rescue Barn

The Ambulance/Search & Rescue Barn is located across the street from the Central Station. The station houses a two person crew that primarily operates an ambulance but has the ability to operate other fire apparatus as needed. This facility also is home to Routt County Search & Rescue's equipment and offices.

Ambulance barn with five bay doors