Grant Funded Projects

The Grants / IGS Division works with City departments, regional coalitions, and community nonprofit organizations to develop and leverage funds for projects which meet the City Council's goals and objectives.

IGS staff work on a wide variety of projects as assigned by the City Manager and City Council. Past projects have included open space, recreation, trails, transportation, telecommunications and economic diversification, historic preservation, public safety, early childhood care and education, and public works.

Open Space

Acquisition of open space properties, including open space along the Yampa River, on Howelsen Hill, and on Emerald Mountain.

Historic Preservation

Planning and restoration of city owned buildings which have local, state or national historical designation, including the Mesa School, Legacy Ranch, Carver Power Plant at Centennial Hall, Depot, Routt County National Bank Building, and others.


Funding of annual transit operations, purchase of transit buses, and construction of transit facilities and bus stops. Funding of capital projects at the Bob Adams Airport, including safety improvements, expansion of the airport, and enhancement of existing facilities.

Recreation and Trails

Purchase of parks land, construction of hard surface and soft surface trails (including the Yampa River Core Trail), development of playing fields and playgrounds, and construction of recreational facilities such as the Skate Park and Howelsen Hill ski area improvements. Funding support for recreation equipment and programs for youth, adults and seniors, and need based scholarships for families. Funding support for parks, open space, recreation and trails planning in the community.

Public Safety

Construction of public safety facilities, purchase of equipment, acquisition of ambulance and fire vehicles, and dollars to support staffing and operations.