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Jury Service

Your employment is protected under C.R.S. 13-71-134. Under this statute an employer shall not threaten, coerce or discharge an employee for reporting for jury service as summoned. Work is not an excuse from service.

Pursuant to C.R.S 13-71-105 

(1) Any person who is a United States citizen and resides in a county or lives in such county more than fifty percent of the time, whether or not registered to vote, shall be qualified to serve as a trial or grand juror in such county. Citizenship and residency status on the date that the jury service is to be performed shall control.

Pursuant to C.R.S 18-8-612: Failure to obey a juror summons:

(1) A juror commits failure to obey a juror summons if he receives a summons to serve as a trial or grand juror as provided in section 13-71-110, C.R.S., and knowingly fails to obey the summons without justifiable excuse. 

(2) Failure to obey a juror summons is a class 3 misdemeanor.

Pending Jury Trials

  • None Scheduled

Jury Excusals

There are set reasons for being excused from jury duty in the Municipal Court such as medical or travel grounds. The court will only review a request for being excused with a signed form (see below). 

Please legibly complete the appropriate form, and return via email to the Court including in the subject line: JURY SUMMONS or hard copy to the Steamboat Springs Municipal Court at 124 10th Street. DO NOT MAIL.

Municipal Court In Session


You will need to submit the attached form (PDF) from your medical professional stating why you are unable to serve at this time. A professional caregiver may complete this form. Please note, the court does not keep past medical forms on file. 


If a potential juror requests to be excused from jury service for reasons related to travel, the Court requires the travel form (PDF) be submitted which should include copies of reservations made prior to mailing of jury summonses.