Special Events in Steamboat Springs

Winter Carnival Street Events
  1. Rachel Lundy

    Executive Assistant/Special Events Coordinator
    Phone: 970-871-8225

Welcome to Steamboat Springs and hosting a special event in the Yampa Valley. Steamboat Springs has been home to international, national, regional and grass-root events, many of which have firmly established themselves in the history and heritage of the community. 

Whether you're putting on your inaugural event or have been a fixture for more than 100 years, this section will help guide you through the permitting process and set up your event for success.


Existing and new events have different time periods for securing a venue. To check venue availability and ask questions on confirming a venue pending issuance of a special event permit, please contact Rachel Lundy. 


A complete event permit application, with application fee, must be submitted no later than 45 days before your event. Applications turned in less than 45 days prior to the event will be charged a $500 late fee in addition to the standard application fee.  

Please plan accordingly and use the APPLICATION CHECK LIST ensure that all required materials are submitted. 

Event Checklist


Applications carry a standard $150 fee and are due at least 45 days in advance of your event.  Some of the fees are highlighted in the table; however, all charges may not be listed and these fees may change without notice. 

Application $150
Parks & Trails $30/hour or $240/day
Streets $30/hour or $240/day
Community Service Officer (CSO) $34/hour
Late Fee $500 (<45 days)


Facility Rentals are managed outside the special events permit. If you are interested in renting a park pavilion or a city facility for a private function, please use the Facilities & Use Rentals section.