Sign Code Update

Brooklyns Sign

The City of Steamboat Springs is updating our Sign Code, and we would love your input! The Sign Code regulates the size, location, and other aspects of signage throughout the City.


Project Information

If you would like information about the project, it’s status or where our community is headed in regard to signage, please stop by the Planning Department at 124 10th St., Monday- Thursday 7:30- 5:30.

As we prepare draft sections of the sign code they will be added here for review and comment. 

Full Draft 4.9.20


Sign Processes.4.9.20

Historic Signs.Standards.4.9.20

Context Areas.4.9.20

Permitted, Limited, Exempt, and Prohibited Sign Types.4.9.20

Sign Code Definitions.4.9.20

Rules of Measurement.4.9.20

General Standards.4.9.20

Permanent Sign Standards.4.9.20

Temporary Sign Standards.4.9.20


Updated Historic Preservation Commission Procedures.6.24.19

Sign Plan, Sign Permit, and Adjustment processes.4.28.20

North Broadway Sign

Community Input so far

So far we’ve held two public open houses on the project, more will occur in the future. Check back for updates and a public meeting schedule. 

Review open house materials and public input on the sign code so far.

Content Neutral Handout                            Sign Type Information                        Proposed Context Areas

Open House Public Input Summary

Temporary and Real Estate Sign regulations are under review

We've been working with the Real Estate community to review and draft temporary sign regulations that will work for everyone in the future. View this presentation for more information.

The Seasons Sign

How Signs are Regulated

Sign regulations are typically separate from other land use regulations due to the level of specificity required for many aspects of signs including size, materials, lighting, location and other unique issues. Communities across the country are in the process of updating sign codes in response to the 2015 Supreme Court decision of Reed v Town of Gilbert which prohibits content-based regulations. While Steamboat Springs’ Sign Code has been in need of updating for some time, the issue has gained urgency due to this changed legal environment.

Focus of Code Update

Sign Code revisions will address clarity, ease of use, and flexibility to consider signs in the context of specific zone districts and areas of the city rather than the one-size-fits-all regulations currently in place. City Staff will be working through the coming year to develop a revised, content-neutral sign code for the City.

We would love to hear from you on this update - please submit your comments and attachments!