Bears - Lock the Lid


Why the Ordinance?

City Council found that there were an increasing number of bear and other wildlife encounters in urban areas of the city. This growth was primarily due to inadequate security of residential and commercial waste placed outside for collection.  When wildlife has access to trash, they are drawn closer to homes and businesses which creates potentially dangerous situations between the animals and people. 

The ordinance requires all trash containers to be certified as bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and dumpsters or dumpster enclosures to be bear resistant.  Trash haulers are required to provide bear resistant receptacles to their customers within a three-year period with full compliance by March 2023.  

The city asks for your compliance with these laws to help keep wildlife where they belong - in the wild.


City of Steamboat Springs, Colorado Ordinance No. 2899: an ordinance amending Chapter 19 of the Steamboat Springs Revised Municipal Code regarding solid waste, commercial recycling, and wildlife-resistant containers; providing an effective date and repealing all conflicting ordinances.


Common Violations

Your property is in violation of Steamboat Springs regulations. This notice is a warning only. A repeat violation will be subject to a Municipal Court summons.

Su propiedad infringe las regulaciones de Steamboat Springs. Este aviso es solo una advertencia. Una violación repetida estará sujeta a una citación de la corte municipal

Sec. 19-101
Bear resistant container, dumpster, or enclosure required
Se requiere un contenedor, contenedor o contenedor resistente a los osos

Sec. 19-102
Container, dumpsters, and dumpster enclosure not secured
El contenedor, los contenedores de basura y el contenedor no están asegurados

Sec. 19-103(a)
Wildlife attractant not properly secured
Atrayente de vida silvestre no asegurado adecuadamente

Sec. 19-103(b)
Curbside placement/pickup outside scheduled service day
Colocación/recogida en la acera el mismo día del servicio

Sec. 19-104
Accumulation of wildlife attractant refuse on property
Se prohíbe la acumulación de desechos atrayentes de vida silvestre en la propiedad

Sec. 19-105
Feeding of wildlife
Se prohíbe la alimentación de la vida Silvestre

Bear Resistant Containers & Dumpsters

Any refuse container, regardless of size, left outside a house, garage, or other enclosed building that is an attractant to bears or other wildlife must be stored in a bear resistant container, a bear resistant dumpster, or a bear resistant enclosure.  

A list of certified “bear-resistant” garbage containers from Living with Wildlife and Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee can be found here.  Any and all containers must have the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee certification.


Keep Bears Wild

  • Don’t feed bears, and don’t put out food for other wildlife that attracts bears.
  • Be responsible about trash and bird feeders.
  • Burn food off barbeque grills and clean after each use.
  • Keep all bear-accessible windows and doors closed and locked, including home, garage and vehicle doors.
  • Don’t leave food, trash, coolers, air fresheners or anything that smells in your vehicle.
  • If a bear comes near your home, do your best to chase it away. Yell, blow a whistle, clap your hands and make other loud noises -- never approach or corner a bear.