What the Court Clerk Can and Cannot Assist You With

We will help you if we can, and we will treat everyone equally. However, we are allowed by law to help you only in certain ways.

We Can answer general questions about how the court works.

We Cannot explain Judicial decisions or let you speak to the Judge outside of the courtroom.

We Can give you general information about court rules, terminology, procedures, and practices.

We Cannot advise you as to how the court rules and procedures will be applied to your case.

We Can provide to you or refer you to court forms and instructions.

We Cannot tell you how you should complete the forms or complete the forms for you.

We Can review your forms by checking for signatures, notarization, correct county name, and case number.

We Cannot correct forms for you or tell you what corrections should be made.

We Can answer general questions about Court deadlines.

We Cannot tell you what to say in court.

We Can tell you whether or not an order has been issued and what the order is.

We Cannot talk to the Judge for you or change an order from a Judge.

Many questions you may have, the court clerks simply may not answer and you will be advised that your question would best be directed to an attorney. However, we cannot recommend any specific attorney.