I need to have my fingerprints taken. Does Steamboat Springs Police do fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting - SSP ChartApplicants wanting to visit SSPD for fingerprinting will begin the fingerprint process online by visiting Colorado CABS website. From here, select the reason for your background check from the list of options and click on the + symbol. This section will also provide the fee associated for the specific fingerprinting requirement. 

At this point, applicants will select IdentoGO by IDEMIA, which will then redirect them to IdentoGO’s webpage to setup an appointment.

IdentoGO will be at the Combined Law Enforcement Facility (2027 Shield Drive) every Monday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and will follow the same observed holidays as the city. There is a vendor-processing fee of $10.00 per applicant plus the state and FBI fees (if required). The amount of the state and FBI fees vary by applicant type and other factors determined by the CBI.

For additional questions regarding the process, applicants should visit www.identogo.com or call IdentoGO’s customer service at 844-539-5539.

Sex Offender Fingerprinting

This above process does not include sex offender registration fingerprints. These are taken 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Fee Schedule

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