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Posted on: April 30, 2018

City’s Streets Begin Annual Paving & Striping In Early May

Street Paving

The City of Steamboat Springs will begin its annual paving and striping program on May 7, with paving and striping anticipated to be completed by July 1. In addition, a new technology, which is said to increase rut resistance and life expectancy, will be tested by the city on one roadway this year. 

City staff will work to minimize disruptions; however, residents are asked to please be patient as delays and/or detours could be encountered during the project. In addition, weather may cause delays and rescheduling.

The following streets or sections of streets are scheduled to be re-paved or receive a surface treatment:

Amethyst Drive

Blue Bell Court

Blue Spruce Court

Concordia Lane

Conestoga Circle 

Douglas Street 

Eagleridge Drive

Elk River Road

McKinley Street

Meadowbrook Circle

Spring Creek Circle

Steamboat Blvd

Whistler Road

Yampa Street

The city will test a relatively new technology, known as ACE Fiber, which blends strands of Kevlar into the asphalt as it is applied in the paving process. ACE Fiber disperses over 19 million Aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide three-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting and fatigue, while increasing life expectancy.

This unique fiber comes with 400,000 psi tensile strength and micro-roots that anchor themselves in the bitumen of the asphalt. In the summertime when asphalt gets hot and wants to rut, the rooted aramid provides resistance to the “flow” of asphalt to mitigate rutting. In the wintertime when asphalt is cold and wants to shrink, aramid provides added tensile strength for resistance to cracking.

As part of the trail program, one lane will be paved with the ACE Fiber technology and the other lane with current asphalt specifications for a side-by-side comparison. While results may take a few years to become evident, this innovative approach could make the city’s largest asset, it’s roads, last longer.

If individuals have questions or concerns, please contact David Van Winkle at the Public Works Shop at 970-879-1807.



David Van Winkle, Streets Superintendent, 970-879-1807 or email

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