Development Review

Development Review

One of the Planning Department’s main services is processing development review applications. We believe a quality submittal is the best way to expedite any development review process so this guide is intended to help you understand the process as well as assemble a quality submittal in the most efficient and straightforward way possible.

All development review applications fall into one of three groups: land use, site development or subdivision. Within those three groups, there are administrative and public hearing projects.

  • Administrative projects are approved or denied by the Director of Planning and Community Development
  • Public hearing projects go first to Planning Commission for a recommendation and then to City Council for a final approval or denial.

For a more detailed overview of the process, please see the administrative process flowchart (PDF), the public hearing process flowchart (PDF) and/or the Board of Adjustment process flowchart (PDF).

Land Use


Use with Criteria

Change of Use

Vacation Home Rental

Site Development


Administrative Final Development Plan

Minor Exterior Modification

Minor Adjustment

Floodplain Development Permit



Final Plat

Lot Line Adjustment 

Lot Line Elimination

Public Hearing


Future Land Use Map Amendment

CDC Text Amendment

Zoning Map Amendment

Development Plan

Public Hearing

Development Plan

Final Development Plan

Board of Adjustment Variance

Waterbody Setback Variance

Planned Unit Development

Public Hearing      

Preliminary Plat

Right of Way Vacation & Final Plat

Utility Easement Vacation & Final Plat

If you’re unsure of what type of application to submit please contact the Planner of the Day. We’re here to help.