About the Division

The Records Division is managed by the Administrations Commander. Staff consists of a Records Supervisor and four Records Technicians. All Records staff have received certification through the Colorado Certified Records Network.

They are the first employees that greet citizens seeking police assistance. They are able to direct people to most city services or summon immediate police help when necessary. They also handle the influx of phone calls that come into the Administration office.

Division Goals

The goals of the Steamboat Springs Records Management Division are to:

  • Access to critical information for investigators, administrators, officers, and the public
  • Determine, analyze, and improve the flow of work
  • Eliminate redundancy of information in electronic formats
  • Improve classification of information
  • Increase security of vital records
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Maintain a retention schedule for criminal justice records
  • Make better use of information technology
  • Maximize effective and efficient public service
  • Protect the accuracy, completeness, and privacy of criminal justice records held by this agency in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes Article 72, including adult and juvenile records