Animal Control

Steamboat Springs Animal Control 970-879-1144Animal Control consists of two full-time officers who are responsible for enforcing animal ordinances of the City of Steamboat Springs Municipal Code. Animal Control Officers (ACOs) respond to calls for animal complaints such as: dogs at large

  • animal bites
  • animal cruelty
  • vicious animals
  • barking dogs

In addition, the ACOs handle calls relating to horses, cattle, and all domestic/pet animals.

Daily duties include investigations, daily, monthly and annual reports, issuing citations and warnings, and patrol. Their presence within the community provides public education as well as enforcement.


Review all Animal Ordinances within the City of Steamboat Springs, click Chapter 4 - Animals of the Steamboat Springs Municipal Code.


Animal Complaint or Animal Emergency - 970.879.1144

  • Please note that ACOs cannot be dispatched from the Routt County Humane Society Animal Shelter.

Lost or Missing Animal - 970.879.7247 (Routt County Humane Society's Animal Shelter)

  • Provide a description of your pet, their name and your contact information.


All animals in Routt County are required to be licensed every calendar year. The City of Steamboat Springs Municipal Code recognizes the Routt County license for its requirements. All licenses expire on December 31 of the year issued and the next year's license must be purchased by January 31.


Two off-leash dog parks are within the city for canine off-leash activities, Rita Valentine Park and Spring Creek Park at the Lower Pond. In addition, dogs are free to run at four trial off-leash areas during a one-year trial use period.

Rita Valentine Dog Park
Spring Creek Dog Park

Rita Valentine Dog Park

Spring Creek Dog Park

Butcherknife Trial Area
Lower Spring Creek Trial Area

Butcherknife Trial Area

Blackmere Trial Area

Blackmer Trial Area

Lower Spring Creek Trial Area

Whistler Park Trial Area

Whistler Park Trial Area


Helpful tips and useful articles from animal experts and ACOs.


Following simple guidelines with your pets can make everyone's experience better.